During these tough economic times, finding a stable job can seem almost impossible. But with these simple steps you will be sure to impress your future employer and make a lasting impression.

Land an Interview

Given the digital world we live in, you will most likely find a job opening using an online search engine. Most people continue on and submit a resume and cover letter using their email. Don't be one of those people. Bring a printed copy of your resume into the establishment and ask to speak with a manager. Express your interest in their business and ask for an interview. You will instantly stand out from all other applicants. When your resume is reviewed, make sure you have taken steps to make that stand out also. Use a heavy card stock for your paper and consider using some color other than white. Protect your resume with a custom designed envelope that will not only preserve your precious resume, but also make its presentation more professional.

Hit Your Interview Out of the Park

Go into your interview with confidence. Bring another copy of your resume and be prepared to answer typical interview questions. When exiting your interview, leave a business card behind. This is yet another way to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Just make personal business cards that have all of your information on them, as well as interesting or fun facts about yourself. Design a custom business card to represent you. Bright colors, rounded edges, and great design ideas are available through online printing. Make your cards spectacular and leave them behind to remind the employer of you.

Follow Up With a Friendly Greeting Card

A little less than a week later, send a card to the person you interviewed with. Receiving a custom greeting card from you will not only remind them of you, but it will continue the personal approach you have been taking thus far in the hiring process. Thank the person for their time and consideration with regards to bringing you into their organization. Custom printed greeting cards are sure to create a great impression for you. There are countless options in terms of designing your greeting cards. But, like your business cards, they should reflect your personal style as well as project a professional image.

After the Greeting Card

If still after sending your greeting card you have not heard back, you can call them or stop by to check in. Just remember that if you are not hired throughout this process, there are several others out there. But using this technique of a very forward, personable approach to the hiring process is sure to benefit you at some point.

Going above and beyond during every step of the hiring process is sure to set you apart from other applicants. Using customized printed materials only raises someone's perception of you and what you could bring to their company. During these times of economic stress, it is crucial that you set yourself apart from other applicants. You can absolutely do this through a personal approach to the process using professional, fun, creative printed materials.

Online jobs are so widespread these days. Even nannies are looking for jobs via the internet. This is beneficial for them. The scheme is quiet easy. Aspiring nannies will just have to log in to an online agency or some website that caters nannies. They usually register for free. When they are already registered they are then able to post their resume and wait for potential employers to contact them. On some sites nanny applicants are able to browse some databases of available nanny jobs and answer ads posted by families in need of a nanny or a sitter. If you are looking for a nanny job and are an avid internet user, post your resume and answer ads with care. Think wisely. You need to know a few astute safety tips when seeking out a job online.
Do not post your phone number publicly. The reason is quiet obvious. If your number is listed, it would be so easy to track you down using a reverse phone directory on the internet. Your home address would automatically be known. This may not be the case. Think of receiving a lot of unwanted prank calls. You would not like that. So, to avoid such agitation, don’t just give out your phone number. Only give it once you have decided on an employer.
Clearly, you wouldn’t dream of having stalkers. To avoid such dilemma, refrain from posting all kinds of personal contact information on your online profiles. Use an arbitrator email provider like Gmail, hotmail or yahoo. Always think of your safekeeping.
With reverse phone directory one is able to track down somebody given only a phone number. It was designed to find people by their name or their phone number-landline or cellular number, unlisted or unpublished. The information extracted from this may include present and previous home addresses. You may want to run one with the potential employer you have in mind. Do this just to see if they are really the owner of the number that they have given you. You can use it as a verification of their identity.
Your potential employer would want to meet with you and conduct an interview. It would be better if your first meet up would be at a public place. However some parents would want to do the interview at their homes. Should this be the case, let somebody know where you are going. You may also opt to bring the friend during the interview. You can introduce your friend to your potential employer at their front door. If the family invites your friend over, then your friend can come inside with you. If this is not the case your friend can wait for you in the car or at some nearby café or coffee shop. And remember, it is okay to ask the family for references too. Talk to their former nanny or childcare provider if at all possible before you accept the position.
Try to keep these few precautionary measures in mind to be out of mischief in your nanny job search. Don’t be a victim of a mugging, sexual assault, or worse. This should not scare you as these are only counsels. However, it is highly advised that heed these suggestions for your own benefit.