United Kingdom Employment law specifies the legal relationship between the employers, employees and the trade unions. The current U.K Employment law is derived from the Employment rights Act 1996, Equality Act 2010 and the Trade Union and Labor relations Act 1992. The Employment Law can be categorized into 2 divisions, namely the individual employment law and the collective employment law.

Individual employment law is concerned with the basic rights of the people at work. As per the National Minimum wage Act of 1998, every U.K. worker has the right to a minimum wage. The workers are required to work as per the Working Time Regulation Act of 1998. As per the Employment Rights Act of 1996, female workers are eligible to go on a child care leave as and when required. According to the same rights act of 1996, workers have the rights to job security in the event of unforeseen dismissals. As per the Equality Act of 2101, the employees should be judged based on their working ability and not based on their race, religion, color, gender and sex. According to the National Minimum Wage Act of 1998, adult workers are entitled to a minimum wage of 5.73 pound sterling/hour.

The collective Employment Law describes the rights of the workers in participating in the decision making body of the enterprise. In companies where the number of employees is more than 50, the management has to keep their workers informed about the company's major plans for increasing the company's standing among its competitors. The Trade Union and Labor Act of 1992 describes the collective responsibility between the trade unions, employers and the employees.

The history of the labor laws can be traced to the Statute of Cambridge in the year 1388 which was brought to quell the peasant's revolt of 1381. The Statute of Cambridge banned the movement of workers across the United Kingdom. The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 banned the use of forced slavery.

From the beginning of the nineteenth century, there was a boom in employment because of the industrial revolution. The Factory Act of 1803 provided the minimum standards on number of hours to be put in by the workers. The Old Age Pension Act of 1908 provided pension for retirees. By the Second World War trade unions came to be recognized, and in most of the organizations and factories the employees were also involved in important decision making judgments.

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