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Online Freelance Writing Job Sites – Are They Worthwhile?

It is therefore better to be on the safe side of the law. When searching for an employment company it is advisable to opt for the ones recommended by the state media. The legitimate job may be an ordinary part time one that dispenses with previous experience or it may be home business thrills. The correct website will bring you in touch with listings that are scam free great opportunities.

Browse through regular postings. The job might be about receiving and sending calls. Web sites dealing in legitimate online jobs will give you lists of jobs that have been previously screened and are scam-free. There are many sites that make tall claims but make sure that the address on which you knock has a good past record of about a decade free from any complaints.

Going against the law, even unknowingly, gives a very uncomfortable feeling. This sort of headache will hamper progress of your work. You might suddenly be scammed. So go only for legitimate online jobs. The gains and profits are the same with the added advantage of being on the right side of the authorities.

There are various types of home-based jobs on the sites dealing with legitimate online jobs. There may be as many as a thousand prescreened home jobs to pick from. A big financial corporate body took the help of one of these sites to recruit the best in the job of customer service. In fact they would be the vital point of contact with important cardholders enquiring about their own personal account.

Online jobs are just what today's generation is looking for - bringing about a marriage between earning money and not neglecting the home. The world has become more smart and comfortable freeing one from the eternal rat race. Chat rooms, white boards, and the culture of e-mail and shared browsing can actually make it possible for you to earn money. Such jobs might land you up with the online tutor. College students will just jump for such an opportunity. There is great demand for advanced mathematics and science tutors. The whole idea is fun mixed with pay and flexible hours.

Legitimate online jobs may be all about phone jobs - jobs that you do at home. In this zone, experience is not a must. All that is required is the computer, the Internet connection and of course the telephone. Legitimate online jobs may initially be your teacher and show you the ins and outs of starting a home business centre. A few hours of patient understanding and who knows - you may be earning as much as $60,000 per annum!

If you want to start selling articles and blog posts online, you need to find clients who need that type of work done for them. But how do you do that? There are a good number of websites around nowadays that give buyers the chance to find writers who can complete their writing work for them. But are they any good?
Firstly I should point out that not all of these websites are the same. Some require joining fees, while others let you join and use their services for free. You will also find that some have both options available. In this case the paid memberships usually bring you far more in the way of benefits than free ones. For example you might be able to bid on more jobs if you have a paid membership. Free memberships are usually restricted in some way, perhaps to ten bids a month.
But this doesn’t really begin to answer our question. It is good that you can start to use a site for free to see if it is worthwhile before you actually pay for a better membership, but how many sites will warrant that? Are you better off trying a range of different job sites or should you focus on just the one?
It is certainly the case that some online freelance writing job sites are better than others. They may have a wider range of jobs on offer, as well as providing them for a better rate of pay. It may sound mercenary but you should always make sure you check the payment for the writing wanted before bidding or accepting a job. Avoid any very low rates and try and look for better paid ones if you can.
You might find that a few lower paid article jobs are good to get you started, as they will help you build up some feedback and a portfolio as well. The experience is good for starters, but over time you should definitely look for higher paid jobs that will gain you more experience and confidence – as well as more money!
You need to look at this as an ongoing experience. Join some writing job sites and make sure you put in the effort to use them regularly. Then you will see that they really are worthwhile, because they can be a good source of new clients, new writing jobs and perhaps a whole new future as well.

Totally Free Credit Card Money You Never Have To Pay Back

Cold calling is an effective method of introducing yourself to potential hiring managers to enquire about employment with their company. In my earlier article called "Cold Calling: How To Cold Call Your Way to A New Job When A Hiring Manager Answers The Phone" we talked about how to cold call hiring managers and what to say when they answer the phone.

However, what should you do if the hiring manager doesn't answer the phone and you reach their voice mailbox?

Typically, if you call 10 hiring managers, you might be lucky if you manage to get 3 or 4 of them live on the phone. In other words, you might end up reaching the hiring manager's voice mailbox more often than not.

Personally, I think if you have made it this far on the call, you might as well leave a message rather than hanging up and calling the hiring manager over and over again until you get them on the phone live.

The best way to leave a voice message for a hiring manager is to script a short, relevant marketing message about you that lasts less than 60 seconds in length and use this as your voice message.

I feel better about scripting a voice message than a live call because with a voice message, there is no chance that someone will butt in and interrupt you. With a live call, who knows what the person on the other end of the phone will say? Your script could go right out the window if they say something you don't expect!

Your goal should be to become so comfortable with this voice message script, that you will quickly be able to recite it by heart and make it sound natural and unscripted.

Here is the model I use to put together a marketing message when I am cold calling an employer regarding a specific candidate and need to leave a voice message. In this case, I have identified a job searcher who I believe is someone that this company needs so I am contacting the company to try to arrange an interview between the candidate and the hiring manager:

I actually used this script to leave a voice message for a hiring manager who was advertising a job for a Database Administrator on the company's website.

I got a return call from the hiring manager 2 hours later, got an interview for my candidate four days later,

Let's look at the structure of the marketing message that I left:

I introduced myself. The hiring manager didn't know me so I told them my name as a method of introduction.

I introduced the job candidate I was calling about and mentioned that she is a certified database administrator (they wanted someone certified) and that she had 5 years of experience (they wanted someone with 3-5 years).

I mentioned that the candidate has worked in an environment similar to the company's to illustrate that she would fit in nicely with them. Further I mentioned that I'd already done a reference check with an outside source (her former manager) and that he spoke very highly of her troubleshooting skills (the company wanted an experienced troubleshooter) to add credibility to her background. You could simply refer to a former manager who would verify a specific skill that you have that would be relevant to the company.

I referred to a specific job that the hiring manager had open that I'd seen on the company website that my candidate would be suited for and that my candidate could start the job right away. If you aren't enquiring about a specific job, you could simply enquire about a possible need for someone with your skillset.

I let the hiring manager know how she could contact me.

My voice message basically told the hiring manager that I had a solution to her problem: she needed to find a Database Administrator and I knew a candidate who was suited for the job and better yet, she could start right away.

Problem solved.

I didn't actually read this script word for word because the truth is that when I left this voice message, I had already used this same script about 15 times when I attempted calling other companies regarding the same job candidate. I was so used to this text, I had memorized it and was comfortable speaking without a script.

Since you know yourself better than anyone else, you should also be able to market yourself without a script once you have become comfortable with your marketing message.

All you need to do is put together your marketing message script that matches your background. Tailor each message for each company you call depending on the situation and if you are applying for a specific job or if you are simply enquiring about possible openings. The more specific the better.

Just remember to speak slowly, clearly and enthusiastically when leaving your message. Practice aloud before actually starting to make your calls.

Getting free money from credit cards that never has to be paid back seems to be beyond most people’s ability to comprehend. Most use a card and then keep paying and paying for many years to come as the interest keeps adding up. Some people that have lost jobs and can’t pay somehow accidentally discover how to do it when they’re looking for alternatives.
When card companies send you a new card they give you an account limit which is the amount of free money you’re entitled to. So why do they really do it that way? If they set your limit at $10,000 it gives them an additional $90,000 of assets on the banks books. You are doing them a favor and not the other way around. “Modern Money Mechanics” can be downloaded from any search engine. It is a training manual for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago explaining to young bankers how the system works.
You need only to carefully plan what you’re going to use this free money for. If you had four of these $10,000 limit accounts you could pick the car of your dreams, purchase land or even a home while real estate prices are at rock bottom while those that don’t know the secret are applying for a vehicle or real estate loan.
Is it fraudulent to do something like that? Absolutely not! When you get down to it, the only fraud that’s taking place is by the banks, Wall Street insiders and card companies. They are the swindlers, you are the victim. As a matter of fact the banking scheme is the reason we are in a depression that is misleadingly called a recession.
To totally understand the free money concept use the search term “the gig is up – money the Federal Reserve and you” which shows you how the banker’s game works and exactly why we are in this devastating financial state of affairs brought about totally by greed.
Fake money is pulled out of thin and is paid in full by your signature so it belongs to you and it’s totally free so you don’t need to pay again like everybody believes. The scare tactic banks use to keep the population under control is called the debt collections industry and their scheme is also a total fake.
When someone discovers the bankers’ tactics federal law kicks in and the bank must remove the account plus the other 90% of fictitious money after six months of nonpayment. Banks hate it when you find out so the only thing they can do to punish you is to sell your account information to a collector and he will attempt to drive you nuts over the phone demanding you give him your money for no reason whatsoever.
Fortunately the federal government has laws against that too and you can find it using the search term “FTC debt video” which describes the necessary legal actions to make collectors find a real job instead of using their telemarketing scare tactics to take your money.
Look back at that government video again to see the only thing these people can get away with telling you is what a really nice person you are. Anything less will lead to more money for you. Search terms such as “man wins $1.5 million from collector” or “woman sues collector wins $8.1 million” show just how easy it is.
Well free money crusader, bet you don’t even know credit reporting agencies operate totally illegally under federal law and must remove any item you tell them to remove or show proof which they don’t have.
They operate just like the fake money system except they’re much smarter than bankers. There’s a $1000 fine for each violation but being smarter than bankers, they always remove the disputed item so there’s no free stuff here but you’ll have a great credit report. Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act explains how that works.
Turning the tables on these swindlers is your patriotic duty. When you take all the free credit card money that you never need to pay back, you are doing the country a favor by lowering the national debt by that small amount. It’s good for you, our country and it’s good for the greedy banking system because somebody has to keep them honest!

Bodyguard Jobs

Many people want to know if legit online jobs is actually a legitimate program? It can be if you perform everything step-by-step; it contains information that took me months of constant searching - you'd have to pretty much cancel your social life to find the information that is offered in this book.

Legit online jobs is actually an online opportunity that will allow you to start marking money via the internet. It is a program that will tell you how to make a full-time income simply by posting advertisements for important companies and individuals and getting paid big commissions.

Believe it or not, there are ordinary people who are currently using the legitimate online jobs method and are making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a day. The internet is still relatively a new thing, even though it's been around for awhile, and there's still tons of time for it to grow and to uncover untapped niches.

Legit online jobs gives you information and access to high profit companies and you'll simply put up internet ads for them, the good thing is that complete beginners are earning 250$ a day within months, even weeks of starting.

The greatest thing about the legit online jobs opportunity is that you will be able to make all of this cash literally on autopilot. So you'll make more cash and you'll work less, how's that for an online opportunity? Most online opportunities require you to work extremely hard, but not online jobs - you simply just have to get started and follow their program step-by-step in order to start seeing a great deal of success!

The Bodyguard industry is quite a large industry, making the Bodyguard industry an attractive industry in which to find a job. Being such a large industry, the Bodyguard industry is less competitive than other job industries and offers a range of jobs.
Although the Bodyguard industry is less competitive than other job industries, you are still required to meet certain job criteria, prior to working as a Bodyguard. Usually, you are required to attend a Bodyguard training course, prior to working as a Bodyguard.
Most Bodyguard Training courses are designed to provide you with basic first aid training, self-defence techniques and sometimes weapons training. Although not all Bodyguard jobs require that you carry a weapon, there are some Bodyguard jobs that do.
A person with Military training, or Martial arts training, is usually highly regarded in the Bodyguard industry, as their skills are often needed in certain Bodyguard positions. Although you are not likely to ever have to physically grapple with a person, there is the possibility that it can occur, so knowledge of self-defence techniques are important.
There are many situations in everyday society that require a Bodyguard. For example, many film and music stars often hire Bodyguards to protect them from the possibility of kidnapping, or from the possibility of being attacked by a crazy fan.
There are also less glamorous Bodyguard positions, such as protecting a bank, shopping mall, or private properties at night. Often these Bodyguard positions require you to be on your own, hence the need for self-defence skills.
As a Bodyguard, you also have the responsibility of protecting other people, which is why you will often be required to have a first aid certificate. In the event of a shooting incident, or other form of injury, you will need to know how to help an injured person, while ambulance officers arrive.
As you can see, being a Bodyguard is much more than just standing around in a uniform, it requires a level of skill, confidence and professionalism. However, being a Bodyguard also requires you to be fit.
Fitness plays an important role in being a Bodyguard, as you may be required to run after someone, or may need to apprehend someone who is dangerous. Being fit will ensure that you will be stronger than you opponent and thus will be capable of apprehending them.
Although Bodyguards do not have the same legal powers of the police force, they play an important role as a supportive partner in conjunction with the police force. Often, a Bodyguard is the first at a crime scene and is often the person who contacts the police.
Bodyguards play an important role in society, making sure that everyone can live in a safe and comfortable fashion. The often silent, role of a Bodyguard is essential in preventing, kidnappings, bank robberies, public brawls and many other types of incidents.

Work From Home No Fee Jobs – Make Money Online Without an Initial Investment

Many people who now searching for jobs are turning to the internet. It's become a common thing to post a resume online. With so many people job hunting in this manner how do you increase your chances of being noticed among the many applications? Most people who are looking for jobs tend to type a general resume.

This way they think they will be able to qualify for a wider range of jobs. A general resume makes you ordinary. Your resume should be very specific and should contain key words and information about the kind of job that you are looking for. It becomes more easily picked up by recruiters than a resume that's non-specific.

No matter how qualified you may be; remember presentation matters. Make sure you go over your resume several times before submitting it. Check it for errors in spelling and grammar. Recruiters are quickly put off when a resume is incorrectly written and doesn't seem to make sense. Make sure your post online resume is neat and nice to look at.

There is normally a set of instructions to follow; make sure you go through the instructions and done everything as required. Use simple language that is easy to understand. A recruiter should not be left in any doubt as to what you are trying to say or put across.

When you do send your resume try not to send it as an attachment to anything. Opening attachments takes time and there is also the problem of spam mail that usually contains attachments. Don't risk your resume being sent to the trash folder. The best way to post your resume online is to sign up with job marketing sites available on line. They will do the rest for you; just send them your resume.

People can create wealth by getting involved in a work from home no fee jobs. These jobs are of easy type and it is enough if you have limited or no experience at all. There is also no time limit to these types of jobs as you are going to work only when you are free. The remuneration is very high; some people even tend to leave their permanent jobs to do this one.
One thing is very important in these types of jobs because there are lot and lots of scam web sites offering jobs. They require some small investment which they say that it is important for them to identify the genuine people. But the people who are interested in doing this job does not know whether the company who are offering this job is genuine or not. So it is highly important to check the genuine of the job before paying this investment.
The most attractive jobs are typing ads, surveys, form filling, and placing ads in free websites, envelope stuffing, data entry telesales etc. Some times these jobs may look easy, but the difficulty range vary from people to people. Mostly these jobs are work from home no fee jobs, and can be very easily done by any person. Since there is no time limit or any target most people are interested in doing these types of jobs.
How to create wealth? The answer for this is a big question mark. You can create wealth by completing these types of jobs from home itself and can earn huge money, since the companies are paying huge money. As the company does not spend any extra expenses for the staff, they are able to pay a large sum of money as salary.
Even though you are paid high it is always advisable to do this job part time only since the job security is very limited, and there is no guarantee that you will receive the payment promptly from the company continuously.

Internet Presence and Resume Writing – Skills and Strategy to Help Your Job Search

You may have come across many options for performing data entry at home plus being paid much for your time. The employers assure you that you can make more than 400 dollars every day in case you can type at normal speeds.

So why don't other normal people not burn their high education degrees and switch to doing data entry via the internet instead? You should know that such jobs just simply do not exist but there are sure to be thousands of real data entry positions available because companies need to type in billions if not trillions of names and surnames and addresses as well as other info and store them somewhere.

The point is that though there are real jobs available, these may require you to pass special test plus skill is also required. Such work opportunities are also usually available locally as no real employer will give his or her precious info to all plus sundry.

The other tip you should be aware of is that almost all real data entry jobs are also free as well as you do not have to lose a cent to acquire them. That means you have to momentarily reject any job that asks for money.

The majority of jobs may require just some skills as well as no considerable educational qualifications. So, if you want to make some additional money and are interested in data entry jobs, visit the web site below for more information.

Your resume writing ability and your personal Internet presence are critical to reducing the amount of time it takes to land a career opportunity. Some say it takes on average 1-month for every $10,000 of annual income you earn to find your next job when you are out of work. I’m not so sure I agree with the correlation, but I do agree that as you move up the corporate food chain it can take longer to land that next assignment. For some executives it can take longer than they can financially stand to wait.
What’s worse is to a certain degree hiring is also somewhat seasonal. It probably won’t shock anyone to learn summer is typically the slowest hiring season of the year. This can be extremely tough on a job seeker’s moral – especially if they aren’t aware of the seasonality associated with hiring. If you aren’t landing that next opportunity during the summer months, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your employability.
Do you find yourself (or know someone) in a situation where you need or want to conduct a proactive job search campaign?
Regardless of your reasons, need, or desire to engage in a proactive job search, conducting a proactive job search can be one of the most frustrating challenges for anyone at any level and at any point in their career. Why? Because the outcome is often a function of timing, and has nothing to do with how marketable you are. That said, increasing your marketability and exposure to opportunity only improves your ability to capitalize on being in the right place at the right time to take that next step in your career.
With the right strategy and approach not only can your increase your exposure to more opportunity, you can also increase your exposure to better opportunities.
It isn’t complicated, but it can be a lot of hard work and it’s critical you have access to the right tools to get the job done.
The first thing to realize when embarking on a proactive job search campaign is that it all starts with your resume writing skills if you are going outside of your immediate “friends & family” business contact network.
Most executives fall into the trap of trivializing the importance of having the best possible resume by saying, “I communicate my value and the substance of my career best in an interview.”
If your resume isn’t -pin sharp- in its ability to concisely articulate your unique differentiated career value proposition by quantifying the scope and scale of responsibility you’ve held and the business impact your efforts have produced in a -measurable- way for each position you’ve held in your career, you are dead before you even start. You will simply get lost in the pile of resumes that end up in electronic or physical recycle bins without a second thought – let alone without an interview.
You really need to understand the quality, content and format of your resume (especially for an executive) is a strong reflection of your capabilities and focus.
Executives are given a -measurable- scope and scale of responsibility, and they are paid to produce -measurable- business impact. Nobody is paid to simply produce effort.
It is amazing how many executive resumes fail to articulate this -measurable- information. Most resumes contain nothing more than unquantified statements of effort that beg the question: “That’s nice, so what did that effort produce in the form of any -measurable- business impact?”
Don’t fall into the trap of poor resume writing that fails to articulate your -measurable- scope and scale of responsibility, and the -measurable- business impact you’ve driven in your resume.
Also give serious thought to abandoning the traditional 1-2 page resume format. Constraining yourself to a traditional 1-2 page resume format is the equivalent of committing job search suicide. Instead, focus on devoting enough physical space to adequately differentiate your career. Why? Because if you try to jam your career value proposition into a 1-2 page resume, you risk being lost in a sea of 1-2 page vanilla resumes.
Some may think this is heresy, but it is simply common sense.
If you are trying to differentiate yourself, it probably isn’t a good idea to have a resume that looks like everybody else’s.
Want to see how -everybody- else looks? Just look at the -AFTER- “Samples” that e-Resume (examples), Career-Resumes (examples), and even Monster’s Resume Center (examples) touts as massively differentiating “Stellar” resumes to see how -EVERYBODY- looks when they constrain themselves to this 1-2 page criteria.
If your goal is to conform and look like EVERYBODY else – and as a result – compete head-to-head in today’s job market, then by all means follow their advice. If you want to change the game in your favor and get interviews that others with the same vanilla resumes won’t – then don’t follow their advice. Simply ask yourself if you want to work for someone that believes the length of someone’s resume is a valid hiring criterion, and make your own decision.
Be very careful in reacting to feedback that “Your resume is too long.” Why? Because the -only- person you should listen to that comments on the length of your resume is someone that can actually benefit by hiring you. Any other feedback is coming from someone that does not need to hire you, and as such can’t benefit from the information that is actually in your resume (i.e., the feedback is totally out of context).
Don’t put your success in the hands of a “professional resume writer”. Why? Just ask yourself, who knows better what the value of your career accomplishments are – you or someone else that hasn’t even come close to having a career like yours? Would you leave the execution of your career responsibilities up to your secretary? Of course not. Then why would you consider depending on someone else’s resume writing skills by letting someone else represent/articulate your career accomplishments and value proposition by letting them write your resume?
Are you willing to bet it’s because your career isn’t a strong fit? Are you willing to bet your resume couldn’t be improved?
The only thing standing between you and being able to write a -pin sharp- resume that differentiates your career value proposition – is having access to the right tools.
I wrote an article about 3 years ago called:
That’s a pretty good place to start. It discusses many things a job seeker can do to increase their coverage and exposure to possible employment opportunities.
provides job search advice on topics such as resume writing, how to approach recruiters, to how to build a personal Internet presence so someone can actually find you in Google and much more.
After you’re written the best possible resume, then the challenge shifts to your personal Internet presence. In other words, can you be found when someone does a search on your name in Google? Do you have an Internet presence? Execunet surveyed their executive recruiters and found 63% of them Google a candidate before reaching out to them and half make a determination whether or not to reach out to a candidate based on what they do or don’t find. The easiest way to create an Internet presence is to join an on-line networking platform that gives you not only the ability to build a profile, but to also create other content such as blogs and articles. A networking site with high traffic combined with constantly changing content will rank high in search engines typically. LinkedIn his a site with high traffic, but all of the content is static. Ecademy is a site with reasonably high traffic, but most of the content is contently changing as a result of all of the blogging and article traffic that the members post. As such, a member profile on Ecademy will typically rank much higher than a corresponding member profile on LinkedIn when doing a search on the member’s name in Google.
Essentially, any content you create on an on-line networking site that combines reasonable traffic and more importantly contantly changing content will create a kind of preferential ranking scenario in search engines that you can use to your advantage to build a personal Internet presence.
By leveraging a “search engine” friendly networking platform you can quickly create a visible Internet presence. Combine this with other blogging and article publishing activity and your ready to be found by a recruiter.
So take control of the outcome by getting proactive with your job search.
Happy Networking.

Earn Cash Taking Online Surveys – Paid To Take Surveys

Many teens and student nowadays are searching for the top teen job. Most are unsuccessful because companies do not offer higher-paying jobs to students under 18. The general stereotype is that teens are lazy and not to be trusted. On the contrary, teens actually learn extremely fast and can be highly successful employees.

The traditional jobs for teens are now becoming less and less popular. Flipping burgers, tutoring science, and babysitting seems to be on the fall. Despite the increased ease of finding regular jobs on the Internet, teens are now looking for other venues of work.

The Internet not only provides more opportunities for people to find jobs, it also provides more jobs of its own. Many teens and students are now completing their work online doing paid surveys.

Paid surveys are incredibly easy to fill out, require no training or skill, and pay well. You choose your own hours, work at your own pace, and stay in the comfort of your own home. You get to voice your own opinion, improve products, and make money all at the same time. How much did someone pay you the last time they asked for your opinion on something?

Completing paid surveys is easily the best and hottest top teen job out there right now. Anyone above the age of 13 can complete surveys and rake in some cash. Whether you're trying to pay off school, buy some new clothes, or go to the movies, this is definitely the easiest job for every student and teen.

Earn cash taking online surveys – paid to take surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn an income online. It is easy to fill out questionnaires and let companies know your opinion on different products and services that you normally use. This type of work suits many people who are looking for a simpler way to earn a living then going out to a stressful job in an office. It is very easy to get started with this type of work on the Internet, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.
When you are paid to answer survey questions and write about the products and services there are always plenty of different surveys to choose from. You can choose to complete as many as you are qualified for and can provide proper information. You decide how many online surveys that you want to take. If you need a few more dollars take a few more surveys. It is up to you how many you take, one or two per day or spend the whole day completing them.
You might not get rich when you’re paid to take surveys but you can earn a very nice income if you work consistently and pick and choose the surveys you do. You must learn to work diligently and complete the tasks for that day to make sure you complete the number of surveys that you need to enable you to earn a decent income. Whether you will be working full time or part time, you will be very excited with the amount of money you can earn from the surveys.
The great thing about working on the internet is that you are doing so in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to put up with the rush-hour, traffic jams and the cost of petrol. It would only take you 30 seconds to commute from your kitchen to your workplace and then start work immediately. You can even take an nap whenever you want to.
You don’t have to fill out a CV to take paid surveys, all you need to do is sign up with the company, accept the notifications that the company will send you based on your personal profile and then submit the surveys. Your paycheck will be delivered within days or weeks. All the surveys that you will do will be based on the knowledge that you have and the experiences that you have of using the difference products and services.
It is very achievable to earn cash taking online surveys – paid to take surveys full time or part time will enable you to earn a substantial income from home.

What’s the Best Email Service Provider For a Professional Website?

Have you ever faced a situation where you search for jobs online but the results are not satisfactory? I have lots of people coming in with two basic problems about online job search - 1. The search results are irrelevant, or 2. They find it difficult to get a proper response to the jobs they have applied online.

This article is not just for people falling into these two categories but for anybody who is searching for jobs through online engines. Here are the basic things you need to keep in mind.

- This might sound really simple, but in reality, most people are not clear in this very first step. Be very sure about the job you want to get into, location of work, pay package, responsibilities you can handle, hours of work etc. Also, prioritize your needs. You might not get everything you want in your dream job. You might have to compromise on something. Know what you are ready to compromise on.

- The terms you use to search jobs online are extremely important. Choose the most appropriate terms that encompasses your job requirements effectively. For example, if you are looking for content project online, type 'Freelance online content' or 'content writing online' rather than 'writing' or 'copy writing' or 'journalism'. This would help you narrow down your job search as per your specifications.

- All good job sites and job search engines always ask for basic information when you register with them. Ensure that you are totally honest while filling this in. Although this might not affect the search much, but it definitely will affect you in closing the deal or sustaining that job.

- Ensure that your resume is updated. Also, keep skeleton copies of cover notes, which you can tweak and use the moment you find a good job opportunity.

- Rather than visiting various job search engines, visit a site that incorporates all of them. Choose a site that crawls through various job portals and company websites and encompasses the information on their site. Simplify your job search process by visiting just one reliable portal and save precious time on searching as well as managing your job hunt.

- If you find anything that suits you even remotely, flag it immediately. All good sites have a provision for flagging or adding to the cart. You can later skim through and choose from the various options.

- Always give a contact number where you would be accessible all the time. Give your cell number instead of land line number. Provide an Email address that you would access regularly. In fact, it is wise to create one only for your job search process.

Follow these basic steps and see the change in the quality of your job search results. After all, the job sites are mere search engines and would provide data based on the requirement you fill in. If you fill in the correct job search terms and are absolutely clear of what you're looking for, nothing can keep you away from your dream job.

In today’s world as far as communication in business is concerned, emailing is one of the most important mediums. An email system is just like the postal service, but here you are able communicate quickly and exchange information with ease. Simply put, this system is able to deal with all types of sensitive communication issues effectively. Both synchronizing of information, as well as delivery of logistics and other core issues related to communication are solved with an effective email system.
Efficient email systems:
It is the features of the service that determine the best email service provider. Naturally, it will be one that comes with the guarantee of efficient functioning within any business enterprise. Hire quality services of a provider who offers electronic solutions to get in touch with visitors to your website and at the same time keeps them updated about the development of your business. With a good email system, you can be in touch with customers located in any corner of the world. This is one of the biggest advantages of this system. The other advantage that a good email provider will offer is saving on time!
Email services are not time consuming, and they are inexpensive too. Getting in touch with clients physically is very difficult and today, the best way to be in contact with them is via email.
If you own a professional website you need to hire services of a good email vendor who has been in the business for quite some time. The service provider should be able to pledge investment of quality time into every email, for you to be able to communicate effectively with your customers. Attention paid to the psychology of customers by the email service provider will enable you to develop a marketing strategy that is effective and time saving. Email service providers are proficient in composing some of the most interesting advertisements as well as newsletters for their clients. This makes for interesting email that clients are eager to read more, especially well drafted messages sent to them.
Considering that you have to cater to a variety of customers, your email service provider should provide the email message with the option of plain or the HTML text. Ensure that the information of your customers is maintained in extreme confidentiality and if this is not done, chances of losing out on patronage will increase. When you hire services of an email provider make sure that the online marketing rules as well as regulations are well followed. If the laws are followed marketing over the internet is easy. Professionals providing email marketing services help target businesses yield and the best of results within a short span of time. The main aim of any business is making profits and for this, nothing compares to a good email system. Investing in services of an email service provider will surely benefit your organization.

Qualifications Required For Jobs For Computer Operators

There are so many websites out there advertising that you can work for Google online. I would like to warn you that any site advertising such claims is more than likely not going to give you all of the pieces of the puzzle that you will need to make money online. There are ways to make money with the tools that Google provides but before you commit to buying anything you need to know that they don't hire people directly to work at home. The free tool that Google provides which allows webmasters to make money is AdSense.

AdSense is a tool that provided where you can build a website and place ads that are provided to you on your website. This idea sounds simple, but making money with this method is not as easy as it sounds. There are three ways to make the big bucks with this method.

When you are looking for entry-level computer operator positions, you might be surprised to find there are some entry-level jobs for computer operator with employers that are willing to train you on basic computer operations or proprietary systems. There are some computer operator jobs which can require additional training and education. If you are aware of qualifications employers are looking for, they can help you get these positions.
Qualifications required for some jobs for operator might require knowledge of the basic Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Other helpful skills might include typing and understanding networks of multi-user personal computer systems that are more complicated. For those that have training in various types of hardware, peripherals and software, there are more opportunities to find a good job.
There are employers that are looking for operators that have a general knowledge of scheduling maintenance tools like def ragging the hard drive and disk cleanup, loading and downloading programs, re-routing messages and running periodic reports, error logs and other operational or troubleshooting functions. People with these qualifications can help increase the productivity levels of organizations that offer computer operator jobs of their business network of personal computers. The best thing to do, for those that want to obtain the qualifications employers are looking for, would be to get training in network operations and hardware, software and for troubleshooting repairs.
When you are looking for any kind of jobs for operator, it helps to have a better knowledge of computer operations and basic courses for computer operations are easy to find. You can find them on the Internet, at community colleges or offered at Vocational and Technical centers that offer adult education computer operating courses. You may have the opportunity to find computer operator jobs that allow you to get “hands-on” training, while on the job. This can give you valuable training, increases chances for promotions and when you learn these jobs properly, you may be able to lead the IT department, eventually.
Learning a company’s computer system can be helpful in increasing the productivity of the company and can eliminate long periods of downtime, even if you eventually have to call outside computer repair technicians to troubleshoot your company’s computer network. Qualifications for computer operators can vary, but they can include basic knowledge of computer operating systems, online or control panel repair tools, basic cabling, router and hardware troubleshooting, along with various proprietary and office software programs.
Because entry-level computer operator jobs don’t pay as much, it is helpful to get additional education and training to get better-paying jobs and there are more jobs for those with greater knowledge in computer operations. It is helpful to find specialized job search websites that offers jobs for computer operator, or find employers that are willing to train you. You can find positions that match your knowledge, but additional education and training can land you in the better-paying jobs and place you in higher demand.

5 Ways to Find Qualified Job Candidates

Most of the individuals I speak to who are looking for a new job have been searching for at least two months. When I ask them what techniques, tactics, resources, and professional help they have been using, there is usually a long pause.

Most executives consider a job search campaign to be the act of sitting at a computer for over 4 hours a day filling out online applications. Some executives will include a resume distribution service or some form of resume writing assistance and believe that they are on their way to the job of their dreams and are doing everything they need too.

This is not a job search campaign. This is also what the majority of job seekers are doing with no success. It is baffling that people continue to expect better results than others even though they are doing the exact same things. There is currently an estimated 1 job for every 6 job seekers, and with that kind of competition you have to do what others are not to set yourself apart. Let me say it again, "You have to do what others are not."

"So what do I do then?", is the question that always follows.

Listen to the experts and network. Below you will find a list of five actions I recommend you set as goals to accomplish every day. I have included 2 resources that will assist you in making this happen. This is the foundation of a quality job search campaign. These are also actions that will set you apart from the crowd because very few professionals who are looking for a job are accomplishing these goals. You will be amazed at how many more interviews you are scheduling, the people you will meet, and how much better you will feel about your chances of securing employment fast.

1. Use at least one free job seeker resource per day. There are literally thousands available online. I am amazed at the number of people that pay over $1,000 for help with their job search when there are 10 free resources, that accomplish the same goals, for every 1 high priced service.

2. Email your resume directly to at least 1 hiring manager per day. There is an estimated 100 to over 500 applicants for every online job posting. Many companies do not post their job opening anymore because they don't want to get inundated with resumes. For this and many other reasons it is imperative to email your resume directly to hiring managers. Otherwise, you get lost in the shuffle, you will never know about unpublished jobs, and you will be relying on luck to get hired. I say this because you will be lucky if a hiring manager picks your resume to review out of the 100's of applicants.

3. Call at least 1 hiring manager per day, introduce yourself, ask about current opportunities within their firm, request them to review your resume, and ask them to keep you in mind for future opportunities. If they say, "I am not the person you should be talking too", ask them who is, and then give that person a call. This is the essence of networking. Speaking from experience I always remembered the professionals who directly called me and when an opportunity arose down the road this small group of people that contacted me where the first candidates I considered for the job.

4. Call at least one career counselor or recruiter per day and ask about opportunities, network for future opportunities, ask for advice, and extract any other information possible that will help your job search. Recruiters love to talk to qualified candidates, and you will be amazed at the knowledge you can attain from an initial, free, phone call to a career counselor. These are the people that have devoted their career to talent search and acquisition. This is all we do all day every day, and it is foolish to not utilize this knowledge and information.

5. Read at least 1 blog post a day written by a quality career counselor or recruiter and try to implement the advice given in the article.

In conclusion, keep your head up. If you have been searching for a new opportunity with no success you have something in common with over 15 million people in the US alone. The key is to set yourself apart by doing what others are not. If you do you will be amazed at how dramatically every aspect of your job search campaign improves.

Are you a business owner or hiring manager who has a position that needs to be filled? If so, you might wonder “what is the best way to find job candidates who are qualified for and are ideal for the job?” Here are five methods to get you started:
There are a number of job search sites online and classified websites, like the popular, that have employment sections. Unlike a newspaper ad, you typically pay a flat fee for a listing on a job search site. This means you should have more room to go into detail about the position, the requirements, and so forth. Thousands of job searches a day are performed on most job search sites; therefore, there is a good chance that your listing will be seen by multiple candidates who are consider qualified for the job.
Granted online job search sites have increased a lot in popularity, there are still a lot of individuals who read the good old fashioned newspaper. For that reason, it won’t hurt to spend around $10 to place a job listing in a local paper. Provide a quick job description, any must-have requirements (such as a degree), and leave a method of application.
Searching online resume databases is one of the fastest and most successful ways to find qualified job candidates. How so? You do the searching. You seek out the job candidates, as opposed to letting them come to you. This means you have more control as a business owner or hiring manager. As previously stated, there are no guarantees that the resumes you get will be from qualified workers when you post a job listing online or in a local paper.
Placing a sign in a window is another way to find qualified job candidates, but this approach is pretty hit or miss. There is chance that someone who has the skills and job experience will come walking through your doors but there are now guarantees. Luckily, most now hiring signs cost $2 or less. While common practice for retail stores, any company can put a now hiring sign in their window or even make a note on their online website.
Promoting from within is a great way to find qualified job candidates. How so? It is easy, free (aside from the raise you might need to provide), and you already know the employee in question is familiar with your company’s wants and needs. Promoting from within is also a great way to improve company morale. It is no secret that most people prefer working at a company where there is a chance to move up the company ladder. So if the position is anything other than an entry level position, examine your current workforce.

Job Search Resolutions for 2011 Can Make a Difference

Getting targeted traffic to visit our websites is the tricky part of internet marketing. We can have a brilliant product and an impressive website but it will all be for nothing if our site receives no visitors. We may have written the greatest sales letter in the history of marketing, but if nobody reads it, all our skill and effort will have been in vain. The number one issue here is simple; if we can bring targeted traffic to our website we will make money.

The most successful websites, the ones that draw the most money-spinning traffic, are the ones dedicated to a very specific and clearly defined niche. The traffic that arrives at such websites is often made up of people who arrive in the ideal frame of mind because they are driven by a very specific desire or need. The more precise your niche and the more precise your promotion the more precise will be the expectations of your website visitors.

It is often said that it takes money to make money; that you need to speculate to accumulate. When considering internet marketing strategies the one area where financial investment will definitely help, is in your promotion and advertising. Advertising makes people aware of your business and draws people to your website. If you get your advertising strategy right it is possible to bring a high volume of traffic to your website. Let's say that 3% of your site visitors make a purchase of your product which sells for $37. If the number of visitors is 100 you will sell 3 items making $111. If you have a flow of 500 visitors over that same period your income will be $555. It is obviously worthwhile spending some money on paid advertising to achieve this. Even if the advertising costs you $100 you are still $344 up on the deal.

Generating targeted traffic with Google AdWords, in the eyes of many marketers, gives the best value for money when it comes to generating leads. It is a scheme which gives complete control over expenditure as we can set the parameters of our sales strategy and ensure that we never stray inadvertently over our marketing budget. The system involves two steps; the first is to use the Google AdWords Tool to select the best keywords to use in our advertising. The second step is to set up the Pay-Per-Click advertising.

The amount each click will cost depends on the keywords we choose. We want to see our websites ranked as highly as possible on Google's search pages; the higher the ranking the more clicks we will get. More clicks equals more visitors; more visitors equals more sales and more money in the bank. The ideal is to get our sites on the very first page of Google. It is all a trade-off (as advertising always is). The price of our products has to be balanced against our advertising outgoings so that we end up in reasonable profit. It is possible to advertise for nothing via free articles (an approached I have used a great deal over the years) but bringing in targeted traffic with Google AdWords will do the job much more quickly.

Ensure that your keyword research is thorough and well thought out in order to get the best from the pay-per-click. Never skimp on this aspect of the process if you want to get the very best targeted traffic flowing to your website.

This New Year’s Eve, as fireworks fill the night sky and
floats through taverns, millions of job seekers will resolve to set 2010’s disappointments aside and focus on the opportunities of 2011. Yet this resolution, like so many others, is destined to become yesterday’s news if concrete steps aren’t outlined beforehand. Here are five of the best steps you can take for job success in 2011.
1. Revamp your résumé. Your résumé hasn’t done its job thus far. Start over. Add any new accomplishments and then study the résumé’s contents for new ways to market yourself. For example, a seemingly random list of previous jobs might be reorganized to highlight skills that each involved.
Remember that résumés today are ideally buzzword-friendly – especially since they’re often filtered by computers. Looking for the keywords associated with job ads that interest you and incorporating these into your new résumé may be useful. But do it with the assistance of a professional resume writer to avoid overkill and inappropriate keyword use.
Once you’ve revamped your résumé, similarly update your online profiles and standard cover letters to reflect your most recent accomplishments and your industry’s current buzzwords.
2. Choose favorites. If you’ve been sending résumés out en masse with little positive feedback, then change your approach this year: focus intently on a select few opportunities each week. Tailor your cover letter and résumé to each unique job opportunity. This will not only increase your chance of getting a given job, it will reduce the clutter in your mind and on your computer. Focusing on just a few jobs each week will also free up time for spending with family and friends or working a back-up job.
3. Nurture your networks. Business networking sites such as LinkedIn and even the primarily leisure-time website, Facebook, have proven invaluable to today’s job seekers. Networking sites make it easy to see where friends work and who they know – and they provide convenient ways to indicate that you’re looking for opportunities.
4. Check out new niches. Maybe you’ve always worked in the same industry, but there’s no reason you can’t branch out. For example, your managerial skills, sales skills, or writing skills might easily transfer to another field. Many people have even become educators and are bringing their real-world industry experience to high schools and community college classrooms. Keep an open mind and read about job opportunities outside your comfort zone.
5. Enjoy life. Finding a job is a job in itself – and like any job, it needs to be left behind sometimes. Let friends, family, and hobbies keep you centered. By maintaining a healthy balance, you’ll be better able to project a positive attitude and make the most of your eventual job interviews. Let your career counselor or professional resume writer know when you will be ready and they can get prepared for you. This strategy will save you from uttering the terrible phrase, “I need
in 2011.