Making the Most of Pre-Employment Basic Skills Test

More and more employers today have found the importance of basic skills testing when hiring for a particular position. A basic skills test can ensure that you hire only applicant that have the skills and abilities needed to perform the job, and perform it well. The benefits of pre-employment tests such as this include significantly lower turnover rates, monetary savings, less costs for training, and of course, streamlining the entire hiring process.

When hiring an employee, your aim would be to find one that is best fit for the job. To minimize the risk of a hiring mistake, it is best to take advantage of skill assessment tools. Before, basic skills tests and pre-employment testing as a whole were only available to big businesses due to the hefty fees involved. Today, thanks to testing providers such as, pre-employment testing is now made available and affordable for smaller companies.

Moreover, it has been found in various studies that skills testing are more accurate predictors of actual job performance than traditional methods involving background checks and interviews. In fact, testing providers and companies claim success rates that are four times higher. A basic skills test is considered objective and appropriate because of two reasons. First, these tests are impartial and do not require any pre-conceptions or subjective remarks from a job interviewer; and secondly, basic skills test provide applicants with an equal ground, where everyone from different backgrounds, educational attainment, nationality, and so on, are provided with the same opportunity to land the job. Of course, this assumes that the employer conducts skills test based only on skills necessary to perform the job.

Let the Experts Do It for You

Most companies find it most cost-efficient to outsource their pre-employment testing needs to a specialty provider such as Employee Skills Online Test. It is not only convenient to outsource, but more importantly, these providers have the expertise and experience in the field of employment testing. They can most certainly do a better job at a price that is affordable. These providers offer a wide range of skills tests and packages that can help you hire only the most productive employees.

Moreover, testing experts can assist you in designing pre-employment tests that are fair and will efficiently screen out your applicants based on specific skills necessary for the job: be it clerical skills, finance and accounting skills, computer skills, transcription skills, and so on. It is very important to stress that pre-employment testing comes with it some compliance issues, so hiring an expert can help you avoid legal problems.

How to Effectively Administer Basic Skills Test

If you want to make the most of employment testing, you should also look into ways of providing your candidates the best opportunities to score well. If your company has the resources, provide them with a conducive and quiet area to complete the test without any interruption. If you do not have the resources, you can find online test providers which allows your job applicants to take the take even in the comfort of their home, using an Internet-connected computer.

Basic skills test should be an indispensable tool when hiring. Although outsourcing your skills test would require some added costs, consider it as an investment that can protect your company from thousands of dollars worth of losses that can come about with just one hiring mistake.